Growing up with a Greek mother and Canadian father, Greek culture was a huge influence on my life growing up.

While other kids were attending summer camp, my brothers and I were lucky enough to travel the islands.  When PB + J sandwiches were the standard school lunch, we had chicken souvlaki with a side of tzatziki. Finally, when we discussed our Easter Holidays with friends (which usually fell on a different weekend than the school Easter closure), the idea of having lamb 101 ways – including oven-roasted shoulder, traditional magiritza stew, grilled chops and ribs, and rotisserie legs – was a little difficult for most to comprehend.

better than yia yia'sAlthough food is an important part Greek culture, the celebration surrounding food is crucial. Food is a way to bring family and friends together, and enjoying each other’s company. These gatherings distract from the mundane frustrations of work and school and allowed you to refocus on the people that really matter. (Trust me – nothing will help you forget your troubles as fast as watching a lamb on the souvla, while trying to steal the best morsels without mom or yia yia catching you.)

To bring the warm feeling of our family celebrations into other peoples’ homes, my mother and I launched better than yia yia’s mediterranean catering in 2015.

With hot meal deliveries across Toronto and the GTA and a selection of desserts available on, we specialize in classic Greek dishes and modern updates. We offer family-style catering for any occasion so you can spend quality time with the ones you love.

For more information, please see the better than yia yia’s winter 2016 menu or visit

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