About Me

For years I felt confined to a neat little box. I had so many passions but I did not think that I could draw from them in my professional life. Fortunately I discovered how I could make my varied interests and creativity benefit my work.

I have experience working and volunteering in a variety of industries including fashion, beauty, digital marketing, brand strategy, politics, health and wellness, food service and catering. Although they are vastly different, the goal is always the same: is your client happy?

Creating a human connection and delivering a premium service is the only thing that matters in my work, whether that is catering, makeup artistry, or marketing and branding consulting.

The goal of this blog is to show that, no matter how many or seemingly unrelated your interests are, they are worth exploring and embracing. If you keep simple goals in mind with your work – like keeping your client happy, or delivering the best product on the market – your interests and experiences can help you.

Next to my dog, the things I enjoy most in life are Food, Beauty and Travel. I am fortunate that I am able to cook and create amazing food everyday with my catering company, better than yia yia’s, which I co-founded with my mom, Joanne, in 2015. I am able to create unique and inspiring beauty and wellness content for Clean Workout, and through my YouTube channel. Travel may seem out of place, but it is one of the greatest sources of inspiration for catering. It also forces you to become more extroverted, adapt to uncomfortable situations, and embrace new challenges.

While the neat little box may work for some, it was not for me. Join me on my adventures as I share catering secrets, experiment with new recipes,  reveal industry beauty secrets, and dive into foreign cultures and food as often as possible.



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