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wen sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner

Is “Wen” Worth the Hype?

Infomercial-junkies everywhere have thought about trying Wen products at least once. The cleansing conditioner system replaces your shampoo and conditioner, and should provide exceptional results when used with their own styling products.

I have been using the original Sweet Almond Mint formula for more than three months and am constantly confused and conflicted about its performance.

You should read and follow the instructions before your first use, but you will quickly figure out what works best for your hair. For long hair, they recommend using 24 – 32 pumps of cleansing conditioner. They suggest using half the pumps (12 – 16) for the first wash, and repeating with the rest. I always wash and repeat, but instead of pumping all the product into my hand at once, I use 5 pumps to distribute over the sides of my scalp, another 5 pumps on the crown, add a little water to disperse the product, and then the final 5 pumps to clean the back of my head and pull through the ends (15 pumps total for the first wash). I rinse and repeat with 4 pumps for the sides, 4 pumps on the crown, and 4 underneath and through the ends (12 pumps for the second wash).

The most important thing I discovered when using Wen is that you cannot rush the final rinse. After trying to rinse the product out of my hair while standing upright, I flip my head over and rinse it again with cool water, focusing on the scalp. It is very important to wash all the product off the scalp and finish with cool water, otherwise it will leave your hair flat with an oily residue. They recommend applying one pump of product to the ends of your hair as a leave in, but I find that makes my hair look too heavy and needs to be washed sooner.

It takes some getting used to the feeling of applying conditioner to your scalp, especially when using so much product for one wash. The first time I used Wen, I pumped the full 12 pumps into my hand and felt like I had used most of the bottle. If you follow their directions, you will go through the bottles fairly quickly (around one bottle per month), but you will probably find that you can go an extra day or two without washing your hair.

I am conflicted about Wen because, while my hair feels very soft and has great shine, if you are in a rush and do not rinse everything perfectly, or do not rinse with cool water, you have to wash your hair sooner. I also feel like their styling products leave my hair feeling dry and brittle. Despite the rave reviews I have heard about Wen over the years, the cost does not justify the results, for me. I will stick to my all time favourite shampoo and conditioner, Pureology for colour treated hair.

wen sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner

Is Wen worth the hype? The original Sweet Almond Mint formula does not perform as well as it smells.


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