Review: Drybar Hair Dryer

I launched my YouTube channel a few weeks ago with an “unwrapping” video of Drybar’s “Peace on Earth Good Hair to All!” hair dryer kit. The kit was definitely a splurge, but I was hoping it would perform better than my ancient Conair dryer.

I have a lot of fine, long hair, and if I do not blow dry it completely  during the colder months, it either looks flat immediately or gives me a headache (neither of which is a good option).

Unfortunately, the Drybar Buttercup Hair Dryer did not seem much better than my ancient dryer. Although the dryer was light, had a good grip in hand, and was a little quieter than what I am used to, it did not seem to make much difference with drying time.

The kit included two products – Hot Toddy heat protectant and Triple Sec styling spray. Hot Toddy seemed fine – like any other heat protectant, and I did not notice a difference with the Triple Sec. If anything, it made my hair stick together in sections – giving a messier second day look to freshly blow dried hair – and made my blow out look slightly unkempt.

The large hair clips included with the set had many pieces on them that caught on my long, straight hair, and required extra time to untangle.

I actually liked the Drybar Round Brush more than expected. I remember buying a wooden round brush more than a decade ago to replicate a voluminous salon blow out. In real life, however, there is rarely time to do a full blow out and using a round brush on hair that is longer than shoulder length takes too much time and effort. It has sat in my drawer ever since.

The quality of the plastic bristles on the Drybar Round Brush seemed quite cheap, but it actually pulled through the hair nicely. Like the dryer, it had a good grip and felt lightweight in hand. The bristles held the hair well, in my opinion, and seemed to allow good tension for drying. The difficulty, however, is blow drying longer hair with a round brush. I have always had this problem, so perhaps it is an issue with technique, but it was not practical for me. I usually prefer to blow dry my hair upside down, starting at the roots, and then dry it with a large paddle brush – flattening pieces between the brush and the dryer.

In the end, the kit had some good things – the feeling and weight of the dryer, the length of the cord, the large barrel round brush for those who know how to use one, and the Hot Toddy heat protectant cream. Those benefits were not enough to justify the price of the kit, especially since drying time was roughly the same as my older hair dryer.

I sadly returned the Drybar kit and am still on the lookout for a better hair dryer. Do you have any recommendations for me?


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After years of wanting to start a YouTube channel, I finally found the confidence to do so.

The channel will showcase everything to make your days a little more glamorous. Look forward to product reviews, tips and tricks, and expert makeup applications.

Is there a look that you want to learn or a product that you would like to see on the channel?

Holiday Cheer and Festive Deals

Red cups are out, which means that the Holidays – and Sephora’s infamous promotions – are right around the corner.

Every year, Sephora offers limited edition goodies with special holiday packaging, value bundles,   collaborations, and even custom colours just for the holidays. For those obsessed with beauty  products, narrowing down your wish list to a reasonable amount can be nearly impossible.

Fortunately/Unfortunately, Sephora sends holiday promotions to BI’s (normal shoppers), VIB’s (spending $350 in a calendar year – a little crazy about cosmetics), and VIB Rouge members (spending $1000 in a calendar year – those beyond obsessed and virtually pore-less).

VIB Rouge members have a head start on their holiday shopping with 20% off from November 6 – 9, and have already scooped up some amazing products.

The Drybar Tress Press Digital Styling Iron ($189) has sold out, as has the Bite Beauty Discovery Set ($60 for three full sized lip products, three minis, five makeup wipes, and a mirror…what?!).


Drybar Tress Press available at Sephora ($189).

Drybar Tress Press available at Sephora ($189).

Bite Beauty Discovery Set exclusively available at Sephora ($59).

Bite Beauty Discovery Set exclusively available at Sephora ($59).

There are still plenty of beautiful gifts and indulgences available. Among my favourites are the drink-inspired limited edition, online only lipstick shades by Bite Beauty. Bite quickly became one of my favourite brands with their commitment to natural ingredients, unapologetically rich pigments, and moisturizing formulas.

Bite Luminous Creme Lipsticks in Limited Edition Shades: Kir Royale, Mimosa and Bellini on ($28 each).

Bite Luminous Creme Lipsticks in Limited Edition Shades: Kir Royale, Mimosa and Bellini on ($28 each).

Nothing gets you into the Holiday spirit more than holding a red cup while shopping…even if you are shopping for yourself…online…in your pyjamas.

What is on your wish list?